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There is a huge array of instant messaging apps on the market, many of which you have to pay for. One that really stands out though, is LiveProfile – which can be used cross-platform on Android, Blackberry and iOS (and for free, it really takes the biscuit).

What makes LiveProfile unique? It provides each user with his/her own PIN (much like BBM – only cross platform) making it easy to add your friends. You can also search facebook for friends who also use LiveProfile, making it even easier.

The UI is aesthetically pleasing and nice to use, and it has handy features, for example it tells you when the other person is writing a message (though you can turn this off in the settings menu if you don’t like the idea). You can also set statuses on LiveProfile, and choose whether or not to publish them on Facebook and Twitter too.

Overall, LiveProfile makes to be a fast, nice to use instant messenger with the ability even to send photos – it is a brilliant bet!

Rating: ★★★★½

Android Description

LiveProfile helps you stay connected with friends and share in real-time. It’s an insanely fast and free cross-platform messenger for any Android, BlackBerry, or iPhone device. With LiveProfile you can send messages, share status updates, photos, videos, and much more!

*REAL-TIME MESSAGING WITH DELIVERY RECEIPTS: You can see when messages are sent, delivered, read, or when the other person is typing a message. LiveProfile makes conversations come alive though instant and real-time messaging. Messages are delivered within milliseconds.

Requires Android:
1.6 and up

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