Los Angeles Proving it Has More Pride Than New York: LA vs NY iPhone App

Mention Mobile officially announced its community based photo tagging app today that positions the people of LA against the people of NY. The iPhone app, LA vs. NY, has been in the iTunes store for a few weeks developing a user base and photo library. The app has been connecting a variety of people, helping them unleash their city pride like never before. With its creative approach to photo sharing, one can finally help prove their cities superiority and have a direct impact on the competition.

Have you ever wondered what makes LA better than NY? Or NY better than LA? Two of the largest cities in the United States can now go head to head in a direct competition with the new LA vs. NY iPhone app.

With this iPhone app, users can tag any picture taken or imported with their corresponding cities’ stamp  (a simple < 3 LA or < 3 NY symbol) , provide a reason for why the photo makes their city great, and share it with everyone else who has the app. They can also share their tagged photos through Facebook and email. Every user can browse through the community of stamped pictures reading others descriptions of why each particular city is better. With the hundreds of users submitting photos, there’s an infinite supply of unique and interesting photos from food, to weather, and even celebrities. There are no bounds to how people represent their city.

“We wanted to give LA & NY iPhone users a chance to show their city pride by uploading photos and earning points for it. It’s simple, casual fun and social at the same time.” Said Ryan Ozonian, CEO of Mention Mobile. “Every picture uploaded earns users a contribution point for their city. Los Angeles is currently ahead of New York in points with more reasons and photos being shared by die hard LA fans, but we expect the scores to stay pretty close and this to become a larger and even more community based competition.” LA vs NY is available in the iTunes store for FREE.

Mention Mobile is a young innovative development company that specializes in casual social gaming on mobile devices.Founded in November 2010 by Ryan Ozonian, a So-Cal Native who previously developed a variety of Facebook games and applications, Mention Mobile’s creative vision combines the online social landscape with casual gaming developments. Ryan was later joined by Kory Jones, an Emmy award winning entrepreneur who’s redefined the graphics in live sporting events for Fox Sports, CBS Sports, ESPN, NFL Networks, MLB Networks and Sky Italia. Currently, Mention Mobile is an eight man team located in Los Angeles. Copyright (C) 2011 Mention Mobile, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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