Lyric Pad Displays and Scrolls Lyrics on Your Android Tablet

Lyric Pad Displays and Scrolls Lyrics on Your Android Tablet

Lyric Pad Displays and Scrolls Lyrics on Your Android Tablet

Organize Your Lyrics for Gigs Easily with Lyric Pad Android App

Lyric Pad is an Android app for musicians designed to make organizing lyrics and song notes easier during live gigs. Featuring an easy to use interface and a self-contained text editor, this app provides a convenient way of storing all your music material without having to carry loose pieces of paper everywhere you go.

From the main menu, you can open lyrics, mange existing lyrics, open set lists, and manage set lists. The app layout makes navigating across different sections relatively easy which is useful especially during live gigging sessions when getting through rehearsals quickly plays a vital role in the quality of overall performance.

Selecting the Open Lyrics option from the main menu allows you browse through different sample lyrics which show the capabilities of the app and how you can use them in your own lyrics. Lyrics have an automatic scroll for easy viewing and support different fonts, text color, size, and an option to add backing music as you read lyrics.

To edit or create a new lyrics files you have to first select the Manage Lyrics option first then search for lyrics or create your own from scratch. The lyrics creation screen comes with several customizable options that let you edit every aspect of how you want your lyrics displayed from the title, fonts, columns, and scroll speed to the chords you should play for each lyric.

For full length performances you can use the set list features to create comprehensive track lists of all the songs you want to play during your performances. Each set list can contain an unlimited number of lyrics which can be rearranged or edited any time by selecting them from the list.

Overall Lyric Pad is a useful app for both musicians and music lovers alike. The app is compatible with devices with Android OS 2.2 or above and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.


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  • Dave in Oz

    Video would be a lot better to understand if the presenter spoke more clearly and used proper diction, and not waving his fingers in a circle around the screen all the time – don’t understand what that’s about? I’ll have to check out the free version to find out, this review was a time waster.