LyTrans Lets You Learn Any Language with Music

LyTrans Lets You Learn Any Language with Music

LyTrans Lets You Learn Any Language with Music

LyTrans Android App Uses Music To Teach Languages

When it comes to learning new language on an Android device most people would probably think of downloading a dictionary app as the best way to accomplish this goal. This is a logical choice since dictionaries require little effort to use and are convenient in most situations. On the down side, dictionaries are seldom the most entertaining things to read which can make discovering new words a relatively slow process.

LynTrans is a translator app for Android that aims to take the boredom out of the equation by letting you learn new words through your music. This cool little app provides users who enjoy listening to music the added benefit of improving their language skills while kicking back to their favorite songs.

The premise behind LynTrans is simple – users can use lyrics to their songs and search for translations online. The developers claim this is a more effective and interactive way of learning new words in a foreign language since it allows you to hear how words are naturally pronounced.

To use the app all you have to is select the language dictionary you want to download, load up your preferred song and the app will search for lyrics and save it to your mp3 file. As you read through the lyrics you can tap on individual words to check the translation of the word. The definitions fairly detailed with descriptions about context, noun, adjectival use and a listening tool that gives you the standard pronunciation of the word.

This app is fairly easy to use and works with most languages. The interface also doubles as a music player and text reader which means you can use this app to listen to music only or as a fully functional translator when you need to.

LynTrans is compatible works on all Android devices running OS 2.2 or above and is free to download from the Google Play Store.

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