Mac Utility Returns Control of Display Brightness and Helps You Sleep

The new Mac keyboards all have a brightness control on the left side and a volume control on the right. However, many of us like to use the status bar volume control, which gives us fine-grained control. It seems obvious to have a screen brightness slider up there as well, and that’s just what Brightness for Mac has done. However there’s much more to it than just brightness controls.

Brightness, a dimmer and display control on the Mac App Store, takes the simple UI element that many of us use to control volume–a status menu item with a vertical slider–and makes it work for screen brightness. However, it doesn’t stop there. It actually gives you greater control over your display, all packed into that same minimal design. It actually gives better adjustment ability over the keyboard–instead of being forced into 1/16th increments, the slider allows very fine-grained control.

However, there’s more to it. Brightness also lets the screen go darker than normal, over 200% darker, so if you’re working late you no longer have to have a blinding screen. But Brightness goes one step beyond just a dimming utility, of which there are many. Brightness can actually give your display a red shift near the darker settings. This has three benefits: 1) reds are easier to see, 2) reds cause less eye fatigue and are less likely to inhibit night vision, and 3) recent studies show that the blue spectrums may keep us awake.

So, Brightness can both enable us to work late, as well as help us get much-needed rest.

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