Make Cheap Phone Calls Around the World with Callbacker App

Make Cheap Phone Calls with Callbacker Android App

Make Cheap Phone Calls with Callbacker Android App

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The advent of VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) has been a blessing for those who frequently call International. Technology and competition has made this service widely available and has kept calling rates competitive.

Using a unique call-back service, Android supported app Callbacker from developer DemandVoIP Inc., does not require an Internet Connection! That’s right, simple and affordable International calling made even easier. Once a call is established, you can view on-screen, the calling location, destination, cost per minute and estimated talk time.


The most obvious feature of Callbacker is the ability to make International calls at a rate below what your service provider currently offers. Utilizing SMS messaging, you are called back (unsure on just how the technology works, but it does!) when dialing a Callbacker number from your phone book, meaning you do not need to be online! This is a significant innovation and improvement in a growing field of cheap, International calling applications for the Android platform.

Some additional features worth highlighting:

-        Native address book displayed within Callbacker

-         A call log is available so you can stay on top of your usage

Layout & Design:

Callbacker’s interface is very minimal as it seamlessly blends into the native phone functions of your Android based smartphone. All clearly labeled; Dialpad, Contacts, Call Log, Balance and Settings are the only tabs you need as the technology takes over  and does the hard labor for this application.


Supported by Android 2.0 and up, the app is available for free and the monetary deposits to pay for your International calls are made easily through PayPal. Callbacker is a highly useful and cost saving International calling solution for the Android platform.

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