Make Your Holidays Special with Happy Snowflakes

[MobilePRwire] – This free application can create paper snowflakes on a mobile device. Every one of these little gems is unique and brings a special message to anyone who needs a little happiness in their life.

Forget about those boring holiday cards; why not make a unique and fun card with Happy Snowflakes. It is not necessary to just have to stop at cards, beautiful decoration pieces can be made from multiple snowflakes. Let your creativity soar and surprise your friends and family. You can use these little creations anywhere.

This application is unique and free to download. There are many features to make your creations fun. You can zoom in or out to see the exact details as you create your little masterpiece. The fun part is that you can undo any mistakes or redo anything you had second thoughts about. You can keep your own picture gallery of your special snowflakes collection, or use some of the readymade ones from the public gallery.

You can save them to your mobile device or download them to your Facebook album. They are easy to send to your Facebook friends or Twitter followers. You can even use one of them as an image on your blog.

Candy Grill is a newly created company which focuses on mobile gaming products. They plan to release several free games in the coming year. They have dedicated themselves to improving the quality of people’s lives with fun Apps and games.

A company officer was heard saying “This Happy snowflake App is awesome! I sent one to my wife and she loved it.” The word in the office is Happy snowflake is a great way to enjoy the snow and make your friends happy.” Another company officer was overheard saying, this App is going to become the best way for friends to share happy moments.”

Candy Grill is a new established London based company with development offices in Ukraine. The main target of the company is in entertainment sector for mobile devices. The company has an experienced staff team with background in social and mobile gaming, that together with clear and fresh gaming strategy will lead it to the top mobile development companies.

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