Manage WiFi, 3G, & 4G Networks with One Click w/ Smart WiFi for Android!

[MobilePRwire] – Appster today announces the launch of Smart WiFi for Android. A powerful network management solution, this utility allows users to find WiFi network access points, switch between 3G & 4G network coverage, manage IP settings & more through a single centralized hub. There’s no more shuffling past endless menus to get connected. With Smart WiFi users can view, monitor, & manage their devices’ connections via a single ‘radar’ styled interface that opens with a single click!

Appster Co., an innovative mobile applications and solutions developer, is excited today to announce the recent release of Smart WiFi onto Google Play on June 12th, 2012 Compatible with all Android devices, Smart WiFi is a powerful network management solution that enables users to find WiFi network access points, switch between 3G & 4G network coverage, manage IP settings & much more through a single centralized hub. Available both as a fully featured Pro version as well as a free Lite version, the app provides a simple seamless network management recourse whose single ‘radar’ inspired interface gives users direct access to all the information and functions they need with a single click. Smart WiFi Pro is currently available for download on Google play for $2.50 in the Tools category. A free version of the app – simply called Smart WiFi – is available in the Tools category on Google Play as well.

The most flexible internet connection utility on Android, Smart WiFi boasts more in-depth functionality than its competitors and features an industry leading user interface that’s as practical as it is eloquently simple to navigate. The app’s WiFi radar screen sits front and center once users open the tool up, which instantly shows them a graphic view of the connections around them, how far each possible access point is, and how strong its signal is. Furthermore, unlike most WiFi scanning utilities on Android, Smart WiFi doesn’t simply show users available WiFi signals but lets them know if they are secured and if users have the ability to access them too via the app’s ‘Check Internet Availability’ function. Of course, if users simply want to disable their device’s WiFi port they can do so without batting an eyelash too.

This is the consummate all-in-one network connection management system. Smart WiFi’s broad array of customizable functions include real-time WiFi signal and 4G connection capabilities, as well as automated push notification alerts that let users know when new usable WiFi and 4G signals come into range. To boot, the app’s innovative Auto 3G Conversion feature lets users seamlessly switch between connections as they come in and out of range for optimal performance without having to constantly switch between connections by hand. Don’t waste time fumbling around with your smartphone trying to get the best internet connection and get Smart WiFi – the internet connection management solution that’s as smart and simple to use as your mobile device is.

Appster Co. is an independent mobile applications and lifestyle solutions studio committed to enhancing and streamlining users interactions with their mobile devices. Frustrated with past WiFi and mobile network connection management systems experiences, the company’s team is keenly focused on developing innovative and uniquely convenient new mobile connection utilities for modern tech savvy consumers to enjoy. © Appster Co. 2012. All Rights Reserved. Google, Google Play, and Android are registered trademarks of Google Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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