Master a puzzle full of color and fun in the app Bolla 7

Master a puzzle full of color and fun in the app Bolla 7

Master a puzzle full of color and fun in the app Bolla 7

Sometimes there’s nothing like a good challenge to get your brain flowing or maybe just to even have a little fun. Though there are many puzzle based games in the App Store, few tend to bring a new and original twist of gameplay like the new app “Bolla 7″. Think, tap and score your way to the top of the high-score charts in this ultimate game of puzzling transformation!

After launch all users are brought to the main menu where they can easily access all the app has to offer. From here users can toggle sound settings, set the time and difficulty of there games and of course start the game. When ready to play all players must do is simply select their game preferences and tap start to get going.

At the start of each game a board is displayed with various colored bubbles randomly filled throughout. The objective of the game is for players to tap bubbles of the same color to add points to their scores. It’s not that simple though, challenge comes into play with the fact that bubbles can only be moved in lines of consecutive bubbles. Move a bubble onto a blank grid of the board and more bubbles will instantly fill the screen all across.

Making “Bolla 7″ such an awesome new game is its creative and easy to pick-up gameplay. Not only are players trying to move bubbles simply from the board but they’ll find that moving one colored bubble onto another will change it into the next color in sequence totally changing the board at play as you know it. Whether you’re a rookie or even the most skilled of players “Bolla 7″ has something for everyone. Choose from three difficulty modes, one minute, five minutes or unlimited mode to challenge or perfect your color transformation skills. Do you think youhave what it takes to become the best of the best?

“Bolla 7″ is available for free in the Google Play Store for all Android devices running Android 2.3 and up.


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