Math App for iPad Gets Free Upgrades

Interactive Elementary, the company behind cutting-edge educational applications for the iPad, has introduced updates to Middle School Math, its flagship product. Highlighting the updated version is a new module in which students practice basic operations. The company will be extending more free updates next month.

Interactive Elementary, creators of innovative educational applications for Apple’s iPad, today extended another round of updates to Middle School Math, widely considered the most comprehensive, activity-based math app on the App Store.

Along with several enhancements to the app’s original seven modules, the Canadian-based company has introduced a module in which students practice basic operations.

“This is a response to consumer demand,” explains company president Dave Brown. “Teachers and parents wanted more practice activities, so that’s what we gave them.”

Brown says the new module, which has been provided to customers as a free update to the base application, addresses several curricular standards that are common to educational systems around the world.

“The new module allows students to practice integer operations, proportions, squares, powers, roots, and order of operations. We have implemented some great ideas on the user interface side, and we have done some Twitter integration as well. It’s truly a great addition to the suite.”

Students in over twenty countries are using Interactive Elementary’s educational products, but Brown admits the proliferation of tablets in American school system is the most significant factor behind the company’s success.

“This is a major movement in the United States, but there is definitely activity in Europe, Australia and Southeast Asia. Tablets are here to stay in education. The 21st century textbook is taking shape before us, and what we’re doing on the practice side is helping redefine how students achieve mastery.”

Brown says that Middle School Math will get more work before the holiday season.

“Our next update will add some features on the data collection side. We want to provide teachers with the data that will allow them to track student progress. We’re also quite excited about two additional modules that are in the works. We are introducing a probability activity as well as a module centered about algebra manipulatives.”

Interactive Elementary has yet to introduce an application for Google’s Android platform, but Brown admits Amazon’s Kindle Fire is forcing the company to take a closer look.

“We’ve been following the school market very closely, and they are saying iPad, iPad, iPad,” says Brown. “But at its price point, the Fire has a solid chance of gaining ground in the school market. Middle School Math for the Fire is a strong possibility.”

Interactive Elementary will also update My Editing Buddy, its word processor for the emerging writer, in November.

Middle School Math is available on the App Store for $4.99. It is also available to educational institutions for half-price through the App Store’s Volume Purchase Program.

Launched in 2010, Interactive Elementary develops educational applications for the Apple iPad. Its products fulfill the need for engaging, cutting-edge software in today’s iPad-equipped classrooms and homes. The creative team behind Interactive Elementary strives to build applications that enhance the learning experiences of children around the world, empowering them by providing hands-on, technology-driven resources.

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