Math by WagMob Hits 10,000 Paid Downloads on Android

[MobilePRwire] – By focusing on serving the customer, WagMob has built the most downloaded paid Math reference on the Google Play Android app market. Updates based on customer feedback and continuous innovation have helped WagMob develop a brand of reference apps that customers love.

WagMob (Wag Mobile Inc.) has hit the all-important 10,000 paid download benchmark on the very competitive Android app market with Math Reference.

The continual advancement and improvement of this math app through more than 50 updates has kept it on the cutting edge and grown its downloads month after month making it the number one selling math app in the ‘Reference’ category on Google Play .

These improvements by WagMob go far beyond simple content updates and have included the addition of quizzes, flashcards and now even a math formula calculator, concepts that have each traditionally been completely independent apps.

This commitment to the customer has not gone unnoticed and is a clear sign that putting the customer first is the key to success with the hard-to-please Android community. Android customers have rewarded Wagmob with 110 five star reviews and a 4.4 out of 5 average rating, an exciting achievement in and of itself.

Customers all around the world have downloaded Math Reference primarily noting its outstanding effectiveness as a reference tool and educational tool and how excellent the customer service is:

“One of the best apps ever for aiding in math help. Clever program!!!” -Gareth

“Love it. Use it to teach my children and refresh my knowledge.” -Tricia

“The developers are great! They respond quickly. The app is excellent! I love that it can now go on the SD card!” -Louanne

WagMob has actually built an entire thriving business around the concept of providing people with on-the-go access to simple and valuable reference material. Currently the company has developed and supports more than 100 unique apps on a wide range of topics from Math and Science to English and Business to Language Learning and Technology.

This extensive range of apps is aimed at providing excellent value to students from primary school to college and professionals at every level who want to learn or refer while on-the-go.

Having achieved total paid downloads of over 250,000 and offering their apps across every major platform for both phone and tablet, WagMob is one of the top companies in the reference app market.

While they continue to add new and exciting apps to the Google Play Android market, they are also making all their apps available for every Android enabled device, from the Amazon Kindle Fire to the Barnes and Noble Nook, so that they may better serve the Android community that has treated them so well.

WagMob is a company focused on providing the most engaging and complete educational and learning references available across all mobile technologies and platforms. With a strong focus on customer service, WagMob has constantly evolved and improved their apps to meet the ever growing and changing needs of app users making WagMob the leading brand in the education and reference app market.

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