Meatball Marathon Revolutionizes the iOS Run & Jump Genre

[MobilePRwire] – Virtway has launched an important update of its Meatball Marathon game, including 105 levels, retina display, numerous interactive objects and a revamped interface.

Meatball is the first run & jump game in which the whole physical environment integrates the ability needed for jumping and using the “hook” with the intelligence for solving physical puzzles that pop up with only a fraction of a second to react.

Meatball Marathon incorporates creative and addictive levels lasting only 15 seconds, which the user can repeat almost instantly after each mistake. The most hardcore players have packs with 1 minute levels that test their concentration, memory and nerves.

Meatball is an uninhibited and humorous game whose protagonist is Snacky G, an urban anti-hero, who tries to save the world from junk food by eating it all himself. This leads to funny situations and hilarious falls.

Meatball Marathon incorporates a complete online visual editor accessed with a Windows browser. Virtway has launched a contest to create levels. To enter participants have to create a quality level. The more levels, the greater the possibilities. There is a $ 250 prize for the best level, which will be pre-filtered by Virtway and chosen by the community.

Meatball Marathon is available on iOs and is coming soon on Android. It can be downloaded from:

Virtway is a Spanish company that develops games for entertainment and training on PCs, Mac, iOS and Android. It has been awarded best European Serious Game for Companies prize of the prestigious Fun&Serious Game Festival. It has created proprietary technology ( for creating virtual spaces for companies, which can be accessed with iOs, PC and Mac, where is its most important protagonist.

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