Menu Games Brings a Creature Race Game: Tumble Rumble

[MobilePRwire] – Menue Games recently released Tumble Rumble – an Android game about critter race. A free version is available for an initial play and a full version can be purchased to unlock more features.

Tumble Rumble features three cute animals: T-Spin the Turtle, Armor-dillo the Armadillo (coming soon) and Spike the Porcupine (coming soon). The goal of the game is to become the fastest creature in Kingdom Animalia by having the shortest time as possible. Obstacles along the way must be avoided to prevent delay in reaching the finish line. Along the game, coins can be collected and be used to purchase an increase in the abilities of the character. Power-up gauge will be filled as the character runs and can be used anytime.

Tumble Rumble can be downloaded in Google Play.

Menue Games (aka Menue, Inc.) is an Android application development company which has already created over fifty applications for the entertainment and practical needs of Android device users.

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Menue Games, also known as Menue, Inc, is a mobile game development studio. Founded in May 2011, the studio has already created over fifty applications that are currently available on the Google Play Store.

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