Metal Rain Game for Android Market Launches

If you like calculating trajectories and velocities then we have a game for you. In Metal Rain you play a turret, who shoots at other turrets, in the spirit of gorilla’s, worms, scorched earth and the many games similar that came before.

This version was designed from scratch and from the ground up targeting mid-to-high end android devices. Features include:

- Tank on Tank Action
- Local Multiplayer and Singleplayer with AI bots
- Multiple Weapons
- In Game Economy
- OpenGL Es2.0 Graphics
- Free Game
- Free Access to all Addon Content.
- Dozens of level customizations
- Fire and Explosions

Adam Hammer is a experienced android Developer. This project will mark his 28th independent release to the Android Market. Past projects include multiple live wallpapers and small independant games, as well as a addons compatible with this game and the “Virtual World 3” Live wallpaper. Aside from his work as a Independent App Developer, he designed and engineered the Atimi Mobile Sports Framework for Android. This was used to implement the Vancouver Canucks and BC Lions apps, as well as many more teams in professional sporting leagues.

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