Mighty Grocery a powerful and easy-to-use shopping list for Android

Mighty Grocery Shopping Lite App Review

Mighty Grocery Shopping Lite App Review

Mighty Grocery Shopping List App Android AppDictions Review

Are there times you wonder where your money goes,  despite how much you control your spending? At first, I do wonder as well. I just thought that if I monitored my expenses, then maybe I’ll understand it better.

Problem is that it’s really hard to recall what your expenses were for the day. This will surely cause you a huge financial crisis in the future if you still haven’t paid close attention. Good thing there are ways to avoid this hassle which will in turn assist you in building up the required discipline in money spending.

Introducing Mighty Grocery for Android, this grocery shopping budgeting  app will provide you with an electronic copy of your shopping list which would be very useful in budgeting and prioritizing your needs.

Mighty Grocery Shopping List App Features

This tool app organizes your shopping preferences to ensure that you won’t be having more or less than that. Different kinds of lists may be made and organized according to your wishes.

From there onward, you can do the following items listed below with Mighty Grocery:

  • Include prices, taxes, and quantity on a certain product. They automatically update in every list they are involved.
  • Coupon indicators are also available (for ease of remembrance of discounts)
  • Now with voice recognition, the tool app will immediately provide you the registered product upon your call.

Mighty Grocery Shopping List App Layout & Design

The list is comprehensive and may seem a bit overwhelming or a little difficult to understand (especially that it is an electronic copy now) at first.  However, over time, you will eventually master how it’s used. Surprisingly, you will also learn how to control your expenditures, which is the focus of this utility.

Mighty Grocery Shopping List App Value

This tool app in the Lite version is available for free on Android supported gadgets, but you will maximize its potential by upgrading to the full version for a fairly reasonable price tag of $4.00. Beta version is available as well. Please ensure that you keep these versions once you are for the full upgrade since they don’t store your files when you uninstall them.

App Description
Mighty Grocery is a powerful and easy-to-use shopping list for Android

Powerful and easy-to-use shopping list for Android.

Click the robot on the home screen and select “Videos” for introduction video.

Features: * Multiple lists * Price / Quantity / Taxes * Coupon indicator * Aisle customization/reorder * Intelligent voice recognition * Undo * Favorites * History * Catalog of preset items in English, German, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Finnish, Turkish. * Master lists * List-specific favorites * Search

Full-only features: * List Sync * Backup on Cloud * Barcode Scan * Recipes * Configurable Tabs * Screen/Rotation lock * Basic Web UI

Coming soon: * Compare store prices * New design themes * Pantry manager * & more

NOTE: keep Lite version installed on your device while upgrading to migrate all grocery data to Full version. After successful migration Lite version can be uninstalled from your handset. DO NOT uninstall Lite version before migration because the existing data will get lost.

Found a bug? Have a suggestion? Please contact us at This will help us make the app even better.

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