Mobile Wallet, Password Manager, and Identity Protection for Android

Mobile Wallet, Password Manager, and Identity Protection for Android

Mobile Wallet, Password Manager, and Identity Protection for Android

If you’re the type of person who frequently forgets email passwords, bank account info, passport numbers and other miscellaneous credentials, Password Genie is an Android app that provides a complete solution for storing all your private information and files. The app gives users a secure platform where they can manage all of their private information and access it whenever needed.

Using the app is relatively straightforward and doesn’t take too long set up. The first things you’ll have to do are sign up for an account using your Google account and create a four digit code to secure your information. Your account is initially valid for a 30-day trial during which you can try out all of the features before you decide to upgrade your account.

Each time you want to use the app, you’ll have to enter your four digit password to access your information. This prevents the likelihood of anyone else seeing your private information and ensures that you are the only one able to access your personal files. You can reset your password anytime in the settings menu and choose how many password trials are allowed before the app locks.

The app’s main user interface contains a dashboard which gives you an overview of all the categories you have information stored in. There a several categories included that let you add information related to your bank accounts, contact birthdays, credit cards and insurance information. You can also add your own custom categories as well as create folders to help organize files in different categories.

Overall, Password Genie provides a comprehensive solution for keeping track of private information. The security features included are effective enough for you to be able to keep even your most sensitive data and not worry about anyone else seeing them.

This app is free to but you’ll have to pay to continue using it once your 30-day trial account has expired. Password Genie can be downloaded from the Google Play store and is compatible with android phones and tablets running Android 2.1 and up.

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