MotivAider – Android App Review

MotivAider Android App Review

MotivAider Android App Review

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Do you often find yourself forgetting about your intended tasks, or forgetting to do other things? MotivAider from Behavioral Dynamics, Inc is here to help you change your habits. It can be used to remind you about important things which you’ve been meaning to do, or something as simple as remembering to take any medication you may need – or even just have a glass of water.

The way MotivAider works is very simple. You think of an activity which you need to do (whether that be recurring or not) and then create an event in MotivAider which corresponds to it. You then select a vibration pattern unique to that activity and choose how often it reminds you (from every minute to every 4 hours) and that’s it! Provided that you recognize what the vibration indicates, you will remember your action and never forget again!

A great point of this app is that due to it using a vibration, it’s completely private and no one will know you’ve just been reminded about something. To be honest, we can’t really think of a better way to be reminded about stuff than to have your phone discreetly vibrate at chosen intervals – and because of that, it’s won our favor. Highly recommended!

Rating: ★★★★★

Android Description

Turn your phone into a lean, mean habit changing machine!

Unlike apps that promise to help you change your behavior and habits merely by helping you record your goals and track your progress, MotivAider® For Mobile actually changes your behavior!

MotivAider® For Mobile allows users to stay focused and quickly, easily and effectively make desired changes in their own behavior and habits. The app replicates much of the functionality of the MotivAider®, an ingeniously simple dedicated electronic device that for nearly a quarter of a century has allowed people of all ages in over 40 countries make a remarkably wide range of desired changes in behavior and habits.

MotivAider® For Mobile introduces smartphone users to the MotivAider approach and enables them to experience some of the same benefits that users of the dedicated MotivAider® device typically enjoy.

Like the dedicated MotivAider device, MotivAider® For Mobile works by correcting for a largely overlooked glitch in the design of the human mind – the lack of a dependable mechanism for keeping good intentions “on the front burner.” The app helps change your behavior by automatically preventing your good intentions from getting lost in the shuffle. Easy to use, it works privately and automatically to keep your attention focused on making virtually any behavior change you decide to make. It uses a private vibration prompt to repeatedly trigger your desired behavior.

To use MotivAider® For Mobile, you first decide on a desired behavior and devise a brief personal message that will remind and urge you to engage in that behavior. You then choose a vibration pattern to use as your private prompt and decide how often to receive prompts – from as often as once a minute to as seldom as once every 4 hours. Then you simply “associate” your personal message with the vibration prompt so that whenever you feel the selected vibration pattern, you’ll automatically think your personal message. That’s all there is to it! You can easily modify your behavior change projects as needed, pause and resume them as you wish, and can even set prompting to automatically start and stop at chosen times each day.

This app is clean, compact and fully self-contained. It requires no internet connection and does not share any personal data.

MotivAider® For Mobile users can visit to access free resources (including a quickstart tutorial) developed to help MotivAider® users achieve great results.

Requires 1.6 and Up


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