myBounds Android App Review

myBounds Android App Review

myBounds Android App Review

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Most of us have experienced the unexpected shock of opening our mobile phone bill only to have our jaw nearly drop to the floor due to the ridiculous lofty overage charges. Well myBounds for Android devices from developer Vontiva Mobile Solutions seeks to reduce, actually prevent such shock, but monitoring and keeping usage totals in check.

You may be thinking that you could do similar by tracking your usage through your carrier, but we’re here to say myBounds has a leg up on the competition and makes it a breeze to manage multiple lines at once. Plus, they’re advocating responsible measuring and budgeting so you keep more money in your pocket, rather than have you fork over any more money to your cellular provider.

While myBounds is certainly practical for a single user plan, it really does well by the family who has multiple lines and devices. With kids nowadays trying to keep up with the Jonses and using text communications and data like never before, plan limits can easily fall by the wayside. And with the cost of overages being similar to that of a car lease, everyone should be mindful of potential money lost.

myBounds measures and keeps a running tab of call minutes, texts and data totals to let you know how you (and your family) are doing in relation to your monthly plans thresholds. After logging in and entering some basic information, all users then download the app and the plan manager can quickly view the plan(s) standings.  The interface is a bit bare-boned, but clean and uncluttered, and most importantly easy to understand.  This is a free application that can really help out by notifying users before plans go over their allotment causing costly charges.

With this application you can successfully and easily monitor your mobile phone usage and stay within you usage limit and in-bounds, with myBounds.

Android Description
MyBounds helps users track and monitor their mobile plan usage in order to avoid exceeding the limits of their mobile plan and incurring carrier overage charges (known as Bill Shock). The product supports family and group plans where voice, data and text is shared by multiple people.

MyBounds allows you to define data, voice and text limits and budgets for the entire plan and individual group plan members. Once allocated, the plan manager (e.g. a parent) can monitor the usage of every device in the family/group plan on their own phone, ensuring no one exceeds their limits. When certain configurable limits (both absolute and trending) are reached, the plan manager and individual users in question are notified through the application.

MyBounds is also useful for single user plans to track and notify data, voice and text usage.

The product is in Public Beta.

MyBounds empowers consumers to save money and stay within the boundaries of their monthly smartphone plans.

Key features of myBounds include:
- call tracking and monitoring
- text tracking and monitoring
- data usage tracking and monitoring
- provide alerts when limits are approached or exceeded
- roaming tracking and monitoring
- tracks data usage rates
- tracks voice usage rates
- tracks text usage rates
- tracks roaming rates
- monitors mobile plan usage
- monitors mobile plan compliance
- provides mobile cost management

These features are designed specifically to manage mobile costs and avoid Bill Shock.

Requires Android:
2.2 and up

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