New App Brings More iOS Tricks to the Mac

With Lion, many great features that we’ve come to love on the iPad and iPhone are now available on our Mac. There’s one subtle feature on iOS devices that, once you know it, it’s indispensable. With SnapScroll, that feature is now available on the Mac.

On the iPhone or iPad, there’s a hidden trick that really helps to save time when browsing Safari or reading through a long list–that is, tapping the status bar will cause the content to scroll to the top, like you used to be able to do with the HOME key on Mac. However, the HOME key is not on modern Mac keyboards, and while pressing the “command” key will get you there, it would be nice to have a visual way, because when scrolling, our fingers are already on the trackpad or mouse.

SnapScroll does just that! It brings the scroll-to-top functionally to Mac. When running, you can simply double-click anywhere in the status bar, and your content will scroll to the beginning. This is great for getting back to the start of a long webpage or document, and brings some more of that iOS goodness to the Mac

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