New Version of Brilliant Quotes for Android is Out Now – Get Inspired

Brilliant Quotes announces the launch of its new version, which is now available for Android. The creator has included many new features in response to the requests of those who have been using the previous version. Well over 1,000,000 downloads have already been made, and the app is on the 13th place in the Books and Reference category. The app’s great success is based only on the quality of the quotes. With 2,800 of them, there is a collection of quotes available every time you need one.

A company spokesperson said, “The app is a ‘must get’ for everyone. Our customers can impress their friends and colleagues like never before. Our new collection of brilliant quotes will amaze anyone who uses our app.” The Brilliant Quotes app features the quotes of 190 famous people. They are categorized into 18 sections to make it easier than ever to locate the perfect one for the occasion. Some of them provide words of wisdom, while others are great to send to friends as a sign of your friendship.

A customer who really appreciates the app said, “I find that the new user interface is much easier to use. I can navigate various sections of the app a lot faster than I could with the old one when I am looking for a quotation. I have actually been using it more than ever because it is so easy to use.”

Other new and improved features include the Quote of the Day that is changed once each day. Users have reported that they are becoming familiar with many famous sayings as they see a new one every day.

It is also now possible to add the Quote of the Day or other quotes to a favorites list. Then, they can be located by searching the index by either names or surnames. It is even possible to expand on the quotes in the list.

The Brilliant Quotes app for Android has other options that make using it lots of fun. The World’s Top 20 Favorite Quotes allows you to see which quotes others like as they favorite. If a user has their own new quote that they would like to submit, they can easily do this as well.

The company says that their app are not boring and useless, like so many similar apps that are available. They feature sayings that provide inspiration and motivation. Many of these are from books or famous authors. There are two very customizable widgets that allow the user to make the app more useful for them on their Android.

There are currently two versions of the app. One of them is free and is ad supported, while the paid version is ad free. Both apps have the same features except for the ads on the free version.

About Brilliant Quotes:
The creator of the Brilliant Quotes app created it because others on the market did not offer meaningful and genuine quotes. He wanted a quotation app that had quotes that would inspire others and add a smile to their lives. His future plans include designing more customizable widgets, adding more quotes and authors, and adding new sections. For more information on this company, please contact them via the following:

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