NumbereOne Brain is a Fun Android Puzzle Game App

NumbereOne Brain is a Fun Android Puzzle Game App

NumbereOne Brain is a Fun Android Puzzle Game App

Can Your Brain Handle the NumberOne Brain Game App for Android?

NumberOne Brain is an Android app that helps keep your brain sharp through a set of challenging puzzle games. Based on the Stroop effect, your objective is to use your color coordination skills and reaction time to complete each level in order to unlock new puzzles to solve.

Starting the app for the first time gives you the option of selecting your preferred difficulty from a list of five other difficulties. You can only play through the easiest difficulty when you start out but will be able to unlock new levels once you’ve managed to achieve a certain high score.

The game revolves around you trying to match similar numbers together as they appear on the bottom screen. A timer also shows you how much time you have left before the level ends and bonus points are given for consecutive numbers you match correctly.

Your high score reflects how fast you complete each level and your overall accuracy. When the timer runs out you can check on various game stats such as best reaction time, average time, mistakes, score and a letter grade of your brain level.

The game design is very simplistic which makes for an unobstructed gaming experience with tons of replay value. Whether you’re a fan of puzzle games or looking for an app to enhance your brain’s cognitive abilities, this app will serve as a good addition to your collection.

NumberOne Brain is compatible with Android devices running OS 2.1 or above and is free to download from Google Play.

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