OCA launches Flea Xtinct

OCA released today a new free game for all ages called Flea Xtinct. With nothing but simple controls, game and pet lovers can enjoy a new adventure and meet funny characters: alien green fleas have left their home planet Fleaonia and are now heading for our pets on Earth. The players will have an important mission: save the pets and subsequently themselves from these restless creatures.

Octavian Stirbei, the developer of Huebris and Bastards, confessed: “This won’t be an easy task. It will require a lot of imagination, strategic thinking and funny approach at each stage of the game”.  

Still, the game-play is really simple: tapping on the fleas to squish them almost goes without
saying. The challenge comes progressively when, besides the greens, faster yellow and red fleas enter the scene. And like that wouldn’t be enough, an atrocious tick marches its way to the sleeping dog. But the players have to resist! After all, our pets depend on them.

Five minutes have passed since the invasion began. A purple flea saucer just passed by, like others before. “This time I’ve got it! I managed to tap on it and blow it, winning me 10 fleas on the scoreboard”, said Tim Watson, one of the first players who enjoyed Flea Xtinct. “Chaos on my display: fleas jump all over the place, my fingers move faster and faster as the dog opens its eyes, squealing in despair. A funny rabbit appears carrying a basket filled with bombs. A slide on it and POOF!!! The fleas blow up in an instance, making room for others to attack. Battle begins again and it’s even more engaging. Still, I have no choice but to resist!”, Tim continues the story. After several games, Tim concludes: “The more you play Flea Xtinct, the more fun you have!”

Flea Xtinct is available immediately and for free on AppStore. Additional information on Flea Xtinct can be found at:

About OCA (Only Cool Apps): After launching Huebris in 2009, Octavian Stirbei came to the idea that great applications could be better developed within a team. He was lucky to find among his friends game lovers and specialists in graphic design, illustration and advertising. Therefore, Octavian established in 2011 OCA, a new brand that stands for innovation and unique concepts, reflected in high-quality and fun to play applications.

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