Pain Easer Acupressure Android App Review

Pain Easer Acupressure Android App Review

Pain Easer Acupressure Android App Review

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As we get older its inevitable we will experience aches and pains and ailments of all sorts. One method of treatment for these is the eastern medicine rout of acupuncture and acupressure. Android app Pain Eraser from developer JeeJee seeks to give us acupoint treatment advice to try and heal ourselves naturally.

Once the app is launched we enter our name and birth location, time and date and receive a list of diseases or ailments we may be susceptible to on sketch illustrations. We then slide to browse through thumbnails of the various ailments, tapping to enlarge if something looks relevant. The slides provide up close and detailed pictures exactly where you need to press (acupoint) to relieve a certain ailment.

Remember with acupoints, the part of the body with the ailment doesn’t necessarily correlate with the acupoint you will be pressing to relieve, so you may find yourself pressing an acupoint in your  foot for let’s say, an upset stomach. Once you’re complete, you can rate the treatment and share with others.

I am familiar with and am a firm believer in acupressure, so I’m exciting to see an app available in a related subject matter.  Pain Eraser is free in the Android Market and is a great self help and complementary medicine app.

App Description
PainEaser is a free application that will predict diseases to present expected symptoms and inform acupoints for self-healing if just the date and time of birth is entered through a smart phone anywhere in the world at any time. It also enables you to share your experience with everybody in the world. If you need more specific consultation, you can ask questions to experts and get answers from them through the jeejeeme site. Now, let’s begin convenient and effective health care with Pain Easer.

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