Paper Camera Add-on is Now Free, after Popular Demand

[MobilePRwire] – By popular demand the Paper Camera team have decided to give the new add-on completely free. They have refunded everyone who’s bought it already.

The team quickly reacted to the malcontent of their fan base and decided to grant everyone access to the new add-on.

Ok Guys, JFDP Labs here, after popular demand it’s clear that nobody likes the new “add-on” as in-app purchase. They’ve reached out on the hugely popular “androidpolice” blog explaining their reasoning:

Just to be clear, we care 2000% about our fans, and 0.1% about money, we just want to keep you guys happy so we are getting rid of it. Please share this with any of your friends that had being unhappy about it!
Just to be fair with the people that actually bought it 1) They will be able to keep it, 2) If for some reason they’ll reset their phone and loose we’ll find something else to give them.”

And later on:


Ok we are pushing a new update out, in-app purchase removed and feature made free for everyone, to the people who actually bought it, we’ll refund everyone and I’d also like to find a way to thank then all :)”

JFDP Labs want to make sure that their customers come always first and as a statement to that they’ve refunded every single in-app purchase (loosing 30% on each transaction) and already pushed out a new update offering the same feature for free for everyone.

After a string of 100 1 star ratings they’ve now reverted some of them and accumulated more than 500 5 stars positive review for the move in less than 8 hours.

They really want to push until every single customer is happy.

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