Paper Camera Update: Stylize Your Existing Pictures in High-Resolution

UK based JFDP Labs have just released a new update for their award winning effects App. Previously you could use Paper Camera to see the world change before your eyes with real-time cartoon, sketch, comic and many other effects, now you can also transform your existing pictures, in high res.

Paper Camera has enjoyed great success since it’s launch a couple of months ago. Users love the fact that they can experience all its cool effects in real-time, just waving their phone around makes the world change before your eyes, and no slow post processing effects. However they missed being able to apply the same effects to their existing images and take pictures at higher resolutions.

Version 1.2 of Paper Camera adds those two key features. You can now use the built-in gallery to apply all effects to your favourite photos, and cartonize them with a simple, intuitive and quick interface. Switching filters takes a fraction of a second! Additionally, pictures get taken at a higher resolution (1024×768), so when you transfer them to your computer they still look amazing.

The quality of the effects were also improved. Filters have been optimized to generate sharper, crisper and cleaner pictures. On top of that, this version adds support for the brand new Droid Bionic and a few other devices like the Galaxy S, Droid 3 and Droid X2.

Full list of new features:
- In-app gallery that allows to apply effects to existing pictures
- High resolution images (1024×768)
- Sharper and crisper effects
- Added compatibility with new devices: Droid Bionic, Droid 3, Droid X2 and Galaxy S among others. (more than 500 devices now supported)
- Faster image processing, noticeable in older phones

JFDP Labs is a London-based company founded by ex-AAA game developers. The company has worked on many AAA titles and more than 40 Apps for the Android and iOS platforms. Copyright (C) 2011 JFDP Labs. All Rights Reserved.

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