Party Light Android App Review

Party Light Android App Review

Party Light Android App Review

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Warning! If you have a history of epilepsy or any other type of light-induced seizures then try to avoid this app!

OK, with that out of the way, this app is basically just a series of funky, colorful flashing light patterns for your Android device’s screen. There are lots to choose from; ranging from a basic flashing of multiple colors, changing geometric shapes, ones which respond to movement (likely meant to look cool while you’re dancing) and others which respond to sound: again, for when you’re at a party listening to loud music.

I daresay this app is best used among friends at a house party, as you may get some strange looks if you wave your phone around on the dance floor at a club. That said, if you have the confidence, get up and do it! You’ll get a bit of attention at least.

While the effects look very cool and there is a good variety of them, this app really doesn’t go any further. However, it is free and will certainly liven up a dull party with a few colorful effects – so it can’t hurt to try it out!

Rating: ★★★★☆

Android Description

Turn your phone into a hypnotic light machine.

For those who love being the center of attention we’ve got you covered with Party Light! It’s the original light show app that turns your phone in to a multicolor strobe light! Party Light makes use of your phone’s internal accelerometer and microphone to pulse and mix various light effects based on sound and movement!
Don’t smoke, no lighter? Party Light has you covered at the concert. When you’re at the club or rave we’ve got you covered there too! Just turn on Party Light and it takes over – pulsing to the beat of the music – it’ll turn heads and creates a unique ambiance that makes you part of the experience!
Party Light has seven multiple color effects and has a flashlight mode (more useful than you think) with more effects in the works! Party Light also has HeyZap integration so you can share you’re experiences with your friends on your Facebook page!
Sound Visualization: Creates color variations based on music playing.
Rave Light Changes color to your movements.
Flash: Flashes different bright and vibrant colors.
Glow: Shifts from one color to another.
Strobe: Flashes like a strobe, will use led flash if phone allows.
Geometric: Various shape and color effects.
Pulse: Pulses colors across the light spectrum.
Encore Lighter: For signaling encores at concerts.

Requires 1.6 and Up


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