Pin ‘n Find – Car Finder Android App Review

Pin 'n Find - Car Finder Android App Review

Pin 'n Find - Car Finder Android App Review

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Ok so you’re at a sporting event and you just parked your car like 60,000 other people. Now we have all forgotten the lot number at some point and spent hours looking for our car. What we do have at all times is our mobile device, so why not use it to find your car?

Developer AOSV recently launched an app called Pin ‘n Find Car Finder that will help you located your car.  Pin ‘n Find Car Finder is very easy to use. Simply drag the pin down on the main screen to save your car’s location.  When you are ready to find your car the app will tell you approximately how many feet away you are.

The design of this app is very nice and a cinch to use.  It is currently listed in Google Play for FREE so you have nothing to lose giving this app a shot.

Android Description
Car locator and finder

Don’t look any further! This app will automatically remember where you parked your car and help you find it. It is different from all the other car locator apps out there because if your car is equipped with a factory or aftermarket hands-free Bluetooth device, this app will automatically save your parked location whenever you leave your vehicle! Don’t worry, if you don’t have Bluetooth in your car, you can still manually save your currently parked location via a simple drag and drop operation. No hassle, just straight to the point.

NOTE: Please make sure your GPS is turned on, and make sure to specify your in-vehicle Bluetooth device (if you have one) under the app’s options menu. Accuracy of your parked location may vary between devices, due to the quality of GPS signal

- Straightforward interface: Just drag the pin down to manually save your parked location. No hassles, that’s all you have to do!
- Automatic saving of parked location if an in-vehicle Bluetooth hands-free device is selected. In this case, you don’t have to launch the app each time you park your car to save your parked location. We’ll do it for you!
- Take a picture of your parked location if your GPS location is unable to be found.
- Option to use your choice of navigation apps to guide you back to your car.

Requires Android:
2.1 and up

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