Pixmeknot is a photo sharing app for Android

Pixmeknot is a photo sharing app for iOS

Pixmeknot is a photo sharing app for Android

Have you ever gone on an awesome trip or event only to realize you’ve forgotten your camera? If so, Pixmeknot might be the app you need. Pixmeknot is a photo sharing app for iOS that will simplify the process of sharing and uploading images with your friends. You can also use this app to manage your photos posted on Facebook, Dropbox, and other photo sharing platforms such as Picasa.

Once installed, the app will ask you to create an account or login with an existing account if you’re a member already. The sign up process is fairly straight forward and contains all the generic fields you would expect in a sign up form. After signing up, you’ll be redirected to the app’s main screen where you can begin uploading images.

One of the defining features of this app is the event creation feature. Creating an event sort of works like an album, except now any of your friends can contribute their image to the album. For example if you create an event of a trip to Paris, but forget to take pictures, your friends can upload photos they took of you during the trip and add it to the event so that you can always have a memory of the good times you had.

To sync photos with your Facebook or Dropbox account simply tap on the icons in the home screen and authorize the app to access your profile. You can also upload your photos directly to the cloud and share them with your friends that way. There is also a cool search feature that lets you join public events so you can see what pictures other people are taking and maybe even make some new friends along the way.

Pixmeknot is free to download from the Google Play store and requires Android 2.1 and above.


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