Play Video Charades with Action Android App

Play Video Charades with Action Android App

Play Video Charades with Action Android App

Action! Android Entertainment App Brings Charades to Your Mobile Device

Action! is a video charades app for Android users who want a new way to connect with their friends on social media. Featuring a dynamic community and a large collection of words to guess, this is a fun way to play charades with others around you.

After logging in with your Facebook account you can start creating videos on the app’s Wall of Fame which shows featured, newest, popular, and top 10 videos. Each video comes with a preview thumbnail that can be tapped on to go into the word guessing screen.

Videos can be viewed in a windowed resolution or expanded to full screen once selected. Below every video is a grid of random letters that you have to pick from to create words which if guessed correctly earns you showbucks that can be used to create your own videos.


Once you’ve finished guessing a word you can rate the video or add a comment. Tapping on the Create Game tab on the bottom of the interface takes you a screen where you can select friends from your Facebook account to play charades with. You can then select the answers and amount of coins you want to award when the word is guessed correctly.

The app’s user interface has a very basic layout which makes it easy to create your videos and share them with other people. There’s also a built in store where you can buy hint packages to help you solve the words for different videos.

If you’re a fan of charades, this is definitely an app you should try out. Action! is free to download from Google Play and compatible with Android devices with OS 2.1 or above.

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