PocketBracket March Basketball – Android App Review

PocketBracket March Basketball - Android App Review

PocketBracket March Basketball - Android App Review

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PocketBracket allows you to easily create unlimited basketball tournament brackets, and then organize both public and private pools. You can also join a bracket to more than one pool, and even manage all of your brackets while you are offline; which can be very handy when on the move without an internet connection.

The app also includes an option to use ‘SmartPick’ which advances teams automatically, and an option to share your data via social networks (Facebook, Twitter etc.) so you can compare with your friends. You also get updates of game scores which can again be very handy when you don’t have access to a TV or a Computer.

To top everything off, PocketBracket allows you to get ranked on the PocketBracket Network; this is an essential app if you are a college basketball fan and we highly recommend it!!

Rating: ★★★★☆

Android App Description
This March Madness® create unlimited NCAA® tournament brackets, organize pools, and get ranked on the PocketBracket Network. Keep track of your bracket results, stats, and games – all with mobile convenience.

PocketBracket eliminates all of the tedious aspects of managing a bracket. The touch interface makes completing your bracket simple. Once the tournament starts, your bracket is automatically scored and updated after each game. You can join a pool in one tap. You can invite anyone to your Pool within the app via Email, Facebook, or Twitter. No more paper brackets. It’s all in your pocket. PocketBracket – Game On!


  • Create unlimited brackets
  • Automate bracket scoring and ranking
  • Organize pools or create Private pools
  • Join unlimited pools
  • Detailed Stats screens
  • Full Bracket landscape view
  • Complete your bracket using “SmartPick”
  • Get game scores and updates
  • Share your brackets and invite friends to join your pools via email, Facebook, or Twitter
  • Save trees during March Madness®

Test drive PocketBracket before Selection Sunday with 2010 NCAA® Tournament data. You can create sample brackets and begin organizing your pools before March Madness®. Once 2011 NCAA® Tournament data is available, PocketBracket will automatically update and remove your sample brackets so you will be ready for March Madness®.

Visit for tutorials, detailed statistics, complete rankings, and more.

You will totally score with PocketBracket – Game On!

March Madness® and NCAA® a registered trademark and separate association from PocketBracket. PocketBracket is not affiliated with this association and is offered for entertainment purposes only.

Requires Android:
2.1 and up
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