Prank Expert Enables You To Attach a Angry Ghost to Angry Birds

SmartDog Studio just released a prank app “Prank Expert” for Android device. If you are a prankster, this tool is just for you.

Prank Expert enable you to attach an “angry ghost” (scare picture with scream and vibrate) to any popular game such like Angry Birds, Ninja, etc. When player focus on playing the attached game, the “ghost” will pop up suddenly to scare the player.

It’s an invisible app that you cannot find the app icon on the phone desktop after you installed it. There are only two ways to launch it:
1. Dial ‘#000′ (may not work for some phones).
2. Click ‘Frank Expert’ widget from the ‘Widget’ menu on home screen.

1. Do not play it on people with heart problems.
2. Your friend may be too scared to throw your phone away.

SmartDog Studio is a personal studio of John Huang. I am interesting in develop innovative and useful tools for Android devices. I have published some popular apps on the Android Market, such like Remote Web Desktop, App Locker II: Fake Crash, AD Blocker, Smart Vibrator, Smart Rotator, etc.

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