PrintJinni Wireless Printing for Your Android Device

PrintJinni App Review

PrintJinni App Review

PrintJinni™ Wireless Printing Android Appdictions App Review

Many times in our professional careers and personal lives, we need to access and print important documents quickly. This used to be extremely cumbersome on mobile devices. It may take time to master this ability, but not for Epson users.

Fortunately, technology is quite advanced that it let us access our documents and printers from any type of gadget we have. For example, have you tried using your smartphone/tablet to connect with a shared printer to take care of your documents? If you haven’t, then PrintJinni™ business tool app will perfectly do that for you. PrintJinni™is developed in such a way that it would be compatible with Google Cloud Print and other printing devices.

PrintJinni™ Wireless Printing App Features:

Like desktop/laptop, the users of this business tool app are allowed to print any document (MS Office documents, PDF files, photos, and other files supported by your gadget). But since you are using your smartphone or tablet, it becomes easier. They are printed either in the connected Google Cloud Print or any printing device. This lessens the hassle of queue and potential misplacement of the printout.

In addition to such feature, other items which this tool app has are shown below:

-        The option to “Print Preview” is available

-        E-mails and webpages can be opened and directly printed

-        Everything is wireless and there’s no need for additional software.

PrintJinni™ Wireless Printing Appearance & Layout:

PrintJinni’s interface is easier to follow in an Android supported device. Photos and other documents are given a realistic preview before you actually print them, allowing you to modify them in your desktop before declaring it to be final. If you can organize your desktop/laptop computer properly, then you can maximize your use for this app as well. The menu is logical and nicely layed out. Previews are very accurate to display how a document would look when printed.

PrintJinni™ Wireless Printing Value:

PrintJinni is now on version 5.0. A 30-day free trial can be downloaded in Google Play. Payment is done once you prefer to subscribe. Ensure your Android is 2.1 and up for the best use.

Android Description

Wireless Mobile Printing App for Android™ Smartphones/Tablets with Google Cloud Print™ Support
Print Email, Microsoft® Office documents, PDF files, Photos(from Gallery, Google+, Flickr™, Picasa™, …), and more, from several apps including those that work with Google Cloud Print (Beta), to a wide range of printers/All-in-Ones/MFPs. Get great quality preview of Microsoft Office documents. No PCs, cables or memory sticks required.

FREE 30-day trial for new users – includes PrintJinni Services subscription enabling full app functionality and unlimited prints. FREE Access to Google Cloud Print.

(NOTE: Please use our Support page to help us resolve any issues you experience with PrintJinni. Our support team will be happy to assist you.)

Great Quality Wireless Mobile Printing On-the-Go!

- Enjoy wireless mobile printing without an intermediate PC, additional software, cables or memory sticks
- Experience true-to-life print previews & prints of your documents
- Preview & print Microsoft Word, Excel®, PowerPoint® documents (Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 & 2010)
- Preview & print PDF, JPEG files (photos)
- Print (no preview) Microsoft Word 2003, PDF, JPEG files or any other file format supported by Google Cloud Print (Beta)
- Print email content from Android native email, Gmail™, Yahoo® Mail, etc. by using “Paste Board”
- Print supported email attachments using “Print with PrintJinni”
- Print supported files from popular apps such as Dropbox, Box.Net, or any app that enables file sharing using “Print with PrintJinni”
- Print supported files from apps that work with Google Cloud Print
- Print photos/images from Gallery, Facebook, Instagram, Photobucket®, Shutterfly™ & Snapfish® using “Print with PrintJinni” and, Google+, Flickr™ & Picasa™ using “Social Networks”
- Browse & print Web pages using the standard device browser’s Share Page menu with “Print with PrintJinni”
- Preview & print any copied text content (including secure Web sessions) using “Paste Board”
- Use print options including economical Black & White
- Manage printers including default printers
- In-App purchase of PrintJinni Services subscriptions
- Intuitive help videos
- User interface in US English, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, Korean

PrintJinni Services
- PrintJinni Services available in two variants: PrintJinni Services using PrintJinni Cloud, PrintJinni Services using Google Cloud Print
- PrintJinni Services enables full In Device printing, provides access to secure Cloud Services using PrintJinni Cloud or Google Cloud Print (Beta) and offers Support Services via email (in English)
- Registration required with valid email address for availing PrintJinni Services and enabling full app functionality: separate registration required for Google Cloud Print
- No registration & subscription required for Limited Use Option, with limited functionality printing only JPEG files (photos)

Subscription Pricing
PrintJinni Services using PrintJinni Cloud:
- FREE 30-day trial for new users- After free trial, flexible, pay-as-you-use, unlimited prints, renewal subscriptions available for:
$0.99 (30 days)
$1.49 (90 days)
$2.49 (180 days)
$3.99 (1 year)
PrintJinni Services using Google Cloud Print:
- FREE 90-day trial for new users
- After free trial, unlimited prints, renewal subscription available for:
$0 (90 days)

Mobile Device Support
- Smartphones/tablets with OS versions: 2.1(Éclair), 2.2 (Froyo), 2.3 (Gingerbread), 3.0, 3.1, 3.2 (Honeycomb), 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)

Printer Support
Wide range of models complying with following:
- Epson® printers/All-in-Ones supporting ESC/P®-R
- HP® printers/All-in-Ones supporting PCL 3®
- Dell™, HP LaserJet®, Lexmark™, OKI®, Ricoh®, Samsung®, Xerox® (Phaser®, ColorQube®, WorkCentre®), others compatible with PostScript ® 3 or PCL 5® or PCL 6®
- Wi-Fi support/access
- SNMP support

Requires Android:

2.1 and up

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