Protect Earth and Join Forces with Heroes in the App Mega Slash

Protect Earth and Join Forces with Heroes in the App Mega Slash

Protect Earth and Join Forces with Heroes in the App Mega Slash

The world is in danger! Aliens have forced a threat upon Earth and all of its inhabitants. If no one steps up to stop this invasion the end of the world could be here before we know it. Mega Slash is a brand new application that has players taking their role in saving the Earth from the aliens boss. Slash alien building after building and attack your way to victory all in this great app.

After launch users are greeted by the title screen following the main menu. One thing all players can be quick to notice and value is that the developers of the application were not shy upon creating awesome graphics. The amount of detail boosts the value of the game and helps players know even before they begin playing that they are in for a treat. The game is playable with three different available heroes; Kal-el, Victor and Lilly. Each character has their own playable character cards featuring their individual player stats and more. As you progress through the game the better you can strengthen these characters ultimately making them unstoppable. To get started with the game all players must do is select their characters and join in on the action.

The sky has opened up and alien buildings are falling from it. Danger is in the air, you’ve gotta stop it. Thanks to easy controls players can start saving the day in no time. As the game is then displayed players will see virtual direction buttons for left, up and right. On the opposite side of the screen are buttons for blocking (b) and attacking (a) as well. The upper lefthand side of the screen is where you can see all of the information corresponding to your character, your player. From score to coins used in the game these all can be tracked here. Aliens come through in lengths of waves and you’ve gotta help your player fight to protect as long as they can. Jump into the air and attack the buildings that fall your way. Keep the enemy from hurting Earth. But if the enemy gets too close be sure to block yourself from all danger in time. Enemy after enemy enters the screen but if you get far enough the ultimate boss will take you up for a fight. Defend Earth and do what you can to save the day.

A hit new arcade game in the Google Play Store, Mega Slash is a notable favorite. Full of awesome graphics displayed from beginning to end you can’t let these things be unnoticed. Further than just playing wave after wave the ability to strengthen your characters and make them better with each time is great. Use all coins earned in the game to purchase more character card packs and do what you can to come out on top. With awesome power ups, attacks and more the competition doesn’t stand a chance!

Earth is calling for your help. Can you help take on all aliens? Mega Slash is available for free in the Google Play Store for all Android devices running Android 2.0.


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