Protect your cave as a mighty caveman warrior in the app Save The Cave: Tower Defense

Protect your cave as a mighty caveman warrior in the app Save The Cave: Tower Defense

Protect your cave as a mighty caveman warrior in the app Save The Cave: Tower Defense

Sometimes when looking in the App Store it can be extremely irritating when you just see app after app, after app that look exactly the same. It’s not that uncommon to find an app made just like another without a sense of originality. Luckily the new app “Save The Cave: Tower Defense” is a fresh remix of the popular tower defense gameplay style. Tackle a brand new take on the genre as you tap your way to victory fending off every beast that comes your way.

After launch all users are greeted by a menu where they can access all the app has to offer. It’s from here that users are not only given a sense of the game’s menu but also the game’s style. Get in the mood as a sleek pre-historic caveman design really sets in the unique theme of the game making players feel both welcome and ready to go. When players are ready to begin simply tap to play.

So you think you’ve played every tower defense game imaginable huh? Well not quite, “Save The Cave” is sure to be a fresh new treat on your favorite device. It’s your job as the caveman leader to tap and give out the orders as to where your caveman warriors should go to keep your sacred cave safe. Luckily controls are easy making it simple for players of all ages to play whether you’re a novice at the game genre or the most skilled of them all. But it’s really more than just randomly tapping to set out warriors to block ferocious creatures from attacking your cave; you’ve got to use strategy to become the best of the best. You’ll find that there are many different types of cavemen and each one with unique properties. While some cavemen may fight other creatures better than others you’ve gotta keep this in mind to survive every level.

Making “Save The Cave: Tower Defense” such an awesome application is it’s lovable theme. Immediately after download and after playing the game it’s quite easy to tell that the developers put a lot of thought into what would make the caveman aspect of the game really shine from sounds to character art. Players can upgrade their caves, use special abilities like rockslides and earthquakes and with 10 maps to take on there’s sure to be a challenge waiting for every player. Play online or offline while on the go and take on brutal enemy forces, the safety on the caves depends on you. Are you up for the challenge?

“Save The Cave: Tower Defense” is available in the Google Play Store for all Android devices running Android 2.3.3 and up.


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