Prove Your the Greatest Gamer in Video Game Logo Quiz App

Prove Your the Greatest Gamer in Video Game Logo Quiz App

Prove Your the Greatest Gamer in Video Game Logo Quiz App

Are you the Smartest Gamer Out There?

Video Game Logo Quiz is a picture puzzle game for Android featuring over 300 game logos for gamers to guess. This app will put your gaming knowledge through its paces with 8 levels containing game logos from classic video game titles to modern games of new generation video game consoles.

The first level has you guessing logos from easily recognizable game titles popularized on different consoles. These include games such as mortal kombat, tomb raider, FIFA, Grand Theft Auto etc. When guessing the game logo you’ll only be given parts of the design and will have to guess the rest by inputting text.

Successfully guessing a logo will earn you points and unlock more logos in the level. Once you’ve completed all the logos in the level you’ll be able to play through the next level and win trophies by guessing special logos that show up randomly at each stage of the game. If you get stuck you can purchase a solver from the in-app store using your game credits which can also be purchased when you don’t have left.


The app store also includes a guerilla mode which tests to see how many logos you can solve in 2 minutes. For every right answer you get 3 additional seconds. For a wrong answer you lose 3 seconds. You can also purchase the “Add Freedom” option which removes all ads from the interface for a more a less distracting user experience.

Whether you’re an avid gamer or want to discover new game titles through challenging game puzzles, Video Game Logo Quiz is the app for you. Video Game Logo Quiz requires Android OS 2.2 or above and is free to download from the Google Play Store.


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