Race With Your Dream Car! Ultimate Speed Racing Game R.P.M

Race with your Dream Car! Ultimate Speed Racing game RPM

Race with your Dream Car! Ultimate Speed Racing game RPM

Start Your Engines in RPM:Racing Pro Manager Android App

RPM Racing Pro Manager is a racing game for Android where players can build unique racing teams and race other players. With a game design similar to that of a strategy game, this unique app will put you in command of a fully customizable fleet of cars, crew, and estates in locations around the world.

You start off by choosing your team from the exotic, import and muscle team. The exotic team gains money 5% faster, import team gains fuel 10% faster, and the muscle team gain stamina 10% faster. After selecting your team you can begin improving your team by tapping on the icons on the bottom of the interface.

These icons give you access to a Home screen where you can view a current summary of your team, a Jobs section containing a variety of jobs to increase XP points and gain cash, a Race section for racing other players, a Tuning section for modifying your cars, and finally an Estates and Crews section.

When you first start using the app you can only access the Jobs section and will have to level up by completing various jobs to unlock the rest of the sections. Performing the different jobs will earn you a certain amount of XP point every time you select it but will also take up your fuel which is indicated on the speedometer design on the top of the screen.

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Once you’ve acquired sufficient points to unlock the sections you are prompted to enter your username and can start challenging other players to race by tapping on the Race option. However with this app Race doesn’t mean you’ll be able to control your car around a track but rather means that you can use your XP, and car upgrades to out-class your opponents. In other words there isn’t an arcade style racing mode instead this is much like a Pokémon game for racing.

So if you’re looking for a game with cars you can actually race then this might not be the app for you. On the other hand if you’ve always wondered what it would be like to manage a racing team, then this is a recommended game. RPM Racing Pro Manager is free to download from the Google Play Store and requires Android OS 2.2 or above.


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