Random Sentences – Android App Review

Random Sentences - Android App Review

Random Sentences - Android App Review

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Random Sentences does exactly what it says. As the name implies, it generates a random sentence made up of four sections; each consisting of a few pre-set words. While some of the sentences it produces make no sense whatsoever, others had us in tears from laughing so hard. For example: ‘I had lunch with my dog Riding a Motorcycle because I’m AWESOME’ or ‘I karate chopped a banana in the hospital because that’s how I roll’.

The intention is to try to match the sentence to a person you know, or to see if it reminds you of an old memory. You can also share your sentences on various social networks such as FaceBook and Twitter, so all of your friends can share the laughs!

So if you looking for a highly entertaining app definitely check out Random Sentences!!

Rating: ★★★★☆

Android App Description
With a single tap on your smart phone, a random, unpredictable and fun sentence will be revealed about yourself or someone else. What does it say to you? Does the sentence mean or remind you of anything? If not, do you have any idea who it could be about? It could be about one of your friends or family! No idea? Well, maybe you should make your sentence really happen now. Or just get another sentence!

Something on your mind? It is also possible to summit your own sentence on our app instantly by simple tapping. Show your brilliant, fun and unique idea on our ‘Random Sentence’!

Share your sentence with everyone via Tweeter, Facebook and email!

Requires Android:
2.1 and up

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