Reliaty55 Client App Review

Reliaty55 Client App Review

Reliaty55 Client App Review

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The advance of technology through smartphone use and internet based communications such as VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) as surely made society as a whole more connected and productive. The caveat being, we are more susceptible to ever-evolving digital security threats. With identity theft, viruses and site hijacking, eavesdropping may not be the first term that comes to mind, but phone call interception is a very real and serious threat.

Swiss developer Reliaty55 GmbH has honed in on this threat and has released the ultimate security feature for secure calls; Reliaty55 for the Android platform. This application utilizes Military grade 2048bit encryption to secure your communications.  This level of security should put any worry wort’s mind at ease.

Not only will Reliaty55 secure your phone call, you can also conference call and SMS message utilizing the same encryption. There is an integrated contact list or phone book and voice clarity and sound during calls is excellent.

The user interface is not an aesthetic masterpiece, though pleasant enough. We were not expecting an overly appealing design, as the crux of this application lies in its capability. The Military-esque interface

One of the main strengths of Reliaty55 is in the apps ability to prevent Man-in-the-middle attacks. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, Man-in-the-middle attack refers to an eavesdropper or hacker who intercepts messages between two parties, controlling and relaying messages in the conversation, rather than normal one-on-one communication between two parties.

To take advantage of this security, you’ll need to create an account (relatively hassle free) and connect to other members – this ensures secure communication. The app is free and the service is reasonably priced, with the software providers currently offering a free, 14 day trial run. Reliaty55 is a safe, secure, reliable and highly recommended choice for secure VoIP communications on Android devices.

Android Description
Shield your smart-phone from eavesdroppers.

Reliaty55: Your Word – Your Business

Military-grade voice and IM encryption packed in a slick UI. This is the Reliaty55 Private service for everyone who takes privacy as an every-day issue. Call and send messages securely: the high-level encryption and a neutral-looking UI provide security both the technical and the social ways. You can call anywhere you can connect to the Internet (WiFi, 3G, HSPA, 4G, LTE).
With our service you can
- Make secure voice calls over the Internet
- Chat securely with your partner or several of your partners
- Organize a secure phone conference
- Create your closed communication group
- Store your Reliaty55 contacts safely
- Enjoy the excellent voice quality

- No man-in-the-middle attack because of the safe end-to-end encryption
- Eavesdroppers cannot listen in to your communication
- Unlimited secure call throughout the World with other Reliaty55 clients
- Unlimited secure chat with one or more trusted partners
- Discrete graphical appearance for increased privacy
- Designed to serve the comfort of security aware persons for ever-day usage

- Military-grade secure call ((2048bit) TLS for establishing connections, AES256 for streaming)
- Software-based voice encryption
- Excellent voice quality and low voice delays
- Easy-to-use, new generation software
- Registration in a minute
- Unlimited calls
- Strong end-to-end encryption
- Man-in-the-middle attack excluded
- No back-doors
- Closed groups for enhancing privacy inside the service (no third party can disturb you)
- Integrated phone-book
- Personal data is treated in a secure way
- Intuitive UI
- Swiss legal environment

Reliaty55 Private is a paid service provided by Reliaty55 GmbH.
Please register for a free 14-day trial subscription at

Requires Android:
2.1 and up

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