Revertis a New Unique Puzzle Game

Revertis is a tactical reasoning game for everyone that is featured in the German App Store. Whatever you are looking for – just some fun or a real challenge – Revertis is the right choice!

Are you curious to find out what Revertis is? The friendly alien Vali will explain it to you in just a few seconds. 

Ever enjoyed painting with a finger on a damp or frozen glass? Revertis is for you!

Turn the lights on by sliding your finger on the screen. Once lights of the same color form a Revertis, they turn off clearing space for new combinations and giving you points. Collect as many points as you can – the game ends if you run out of space.

Play different modes and compete with your friends by posting your results on Facebook.

- Different game modes
- Competitive modes with limited time per turn
- Post your results on Facebook
- Game Center integrated
- Unique animation

More to come in Revertis 2.0!
- local high scores
- New game modes
- Multiplayer modes
- Upgrade to Revertis 2.0 will be free for owners of this version

Revertis has received positive reviews from a host of popular blogs around the world. WHATSONIPHONE.COM said, ”Not since the arrival of Revertis has sliding ones finger on frozen glass been this enjoyable. If you are a fan of Tetris, Lines, and other strategy board games, you gonna love Revertis”.

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