Ringtonium PRO Android App Review

Ringtonium PRO Android App Review

Ringtonium PRO Android App Review

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Ring tone generators are extremely practical. I would venture to guess that fewer and fewer folks utilize the native ring tones and alerts on their devices any longer. In this seemingly saturated market we’ve seen some good and many bare-bones and downright awful.

Fortunately, Estonian Developer Bamboo Groups’ Ringtonium Pro falls into a category better than good.  With a sleek yet simple interface, Ringtonium allows users without audio recording or editing experience to easily produce custom ringtones, alerts, text tones and reminders.

To demonstrate the functionality of the app, I simply selected a Jimmy Buffett tune from my collection (being summer and 100 degrees in the North East, I thought this was appropriate!) The interface is really intuitive and allows you to select the correct song length needed for a particular tone, while allowing you to select your favorite portion of a song. There is even the capability to customize the fade in and out and pitch settings.

Once you have completed your audio masterpiece, simply save and select your custom tone for whatever you like. In case you got lost, fear not for there is a handy in-app tutorial or you can click out to YouTube to view the video demo.

We discovered first hand there is good reason for Ringtonium to be Top 10 apps in so many countries, so stop wasting your time with the plethora of simply “good” ring tone and alert creators out there. Ringtonium Pro has an appealing price point at $1.99 considering its simplicity but functionality and ease-of-use.

Android Description
Yes! Popular Ringtonium is on Goolge Play now!

Top 100 in 30 countries
Top 5 in Russia and USA (Music category)
“The best ringtone creation app for iPhone” –
700 000 users

Ringtonium is a remarkably accurate tool for creating, editing, and sharing ringtones.
Enjoy the ringtone creation process upon the very first launch.

Record your friend’s voice, play, edit and use it as ringtone, alarm, Twitter tone, reminder or text tone. Have ultimate fun with Ringtonium.

Top Features:
– Fully no ads
– Email, text, alarm clock, reminders and Twitter tones
– Extremely easy to use
– 4 awesome sound effects to add to your tones
– Super accurate editing- up to 0.01 sec
– Remarkably high and distortion free mic recording
– In-app ringtones storage and playback
– Build-in video tutorials

- Please note this app requires Android 2.1 or later

Requires Android:
2.2 and up

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