Rock My World a fun music trivia app

Rock My World a fun music trivia app

Rock My World a fun music trivia app

Rock My World a fun music trivia app that will give music lovers the chance to flex their music knowledge muscle with lots of interesting and challenging questions about some of the most well-known musicians in recent history. The app’s rules are simple — answer questions correctly, get points and unlock new levels.

Once installed, you can quickly start a quiz by tapping on the “Quiz!” option in the main menu. There are two categories you can choose from — guess the artist and guess the album title. Each category has four different quizzes that are unlocked each time you complete a set of questions.

When it’s time to answer a question, just tap on the text field and type in the answer in the box that pops up. You can tap on the “show hint” button to view hints about the question or tap on “show more hints” to get more useful information related to the correct answer. You’re awarded points every time you answer a question correctly.

You can also view all the groups completed, levels completed and total score in the statistics window and clear all the results to start your game from scratch. Resetting a game means that you’ll have to reopen the hints and answer all questions correctly to unlock new sets of questions.

Rock My World is available as a free download in the Google Play store for devices running Android 2.1 and up.


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