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Rock the Vegas is an app which bears a striking resemblance to Sim City and those other City Simulation games out there, in that you start out with an empty piece of land and gradually build establishments and other buildings to earn money and eventually end up with an enormous economic super power. When you play for the first time, a tutorial will explain how everything works and guide you through the first steps of expanding your settlement – starting with building a power plant.

The graphics are just as they should be for a game like this, and furthermore just as they should be for the Android OS – relatively low-res, which means it should run on most handsets and tablets. The objects are colorful and slightly on the cartoony side (which is normal for these games) and overall the graphics look perfectly presentable on each screen I’ve tested it on.

Moving and placing buildings is a breeze with touchscreens thanks to the well thought-out controls. With a couple of taps and drags, you’ll be building your city up in no time. Complete with nice, chilled out music, this app is sure to satisfy you – especially if you’re looking for a good City Simulator to take with you everywhere. (Plus: it’s FREE!!)

Rating: ★★★★½

Android Description

Most addictive tycoon-style city building game on the Market – Rock the Vegas!

Rock the Vegas is a fascinating symbiosis of tycoon, city builder, gambling and social game. Users build not just a simple city, but a real Las Vegas prototype. That is why the city is alive not only at day but also at night, which is the main time Vegas is active: casinos are flashing with bright lights, cars are rushing through the dark roads.

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Build Vegas your way with the atmosphere of ease and uncontrolled fun in the air, unique bars, entertainment centers and of course casinos! Try your luck and win a jackpot! Visit your friends, vote for the best city, help each other and send gifts.
Challenge your friends with achievements – be the best in Rocking the Vegas!

Game tasks:
- build your own Vegas in the middle of the desert;
- improve your buildings and gain profit;
- build more casinos to attract tourists;
- try gambling yourself and win a jackpot;
- expand your property;
- visit your friends, vote for their cities and send gifts to each other;
- compete with your friends: be on top in different ratings;

Game Features:
- Take a desert and build a real Vegas
- Atmosphere of ease and uncontrolled fun
- Unique bars, entertainment centers and of course casinos
- Switch between daylight and night – alluring flashing neon
- Gamble and try winning a jackpot
- Visit your friends, help them out and send gifts to each other
- Challenge your friends with achievements – be the best in Rocking the Vegas

Game Video:

Requires Android:
2.1 and up

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