Save Money on Your Phone Bill with Yabb Text And Voice Messenger

Save Money on Your Phone Bill with Yabb Text And Voice Messenger

Save Money on Your Phone Bill with Yabb Text And Voice Messenger

It’s awesome how convenient our cellphones are for us this time in day but not so much when you receive the monthly bill. With so many texts sent, voice calls and more that are important in your day to day life you shouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg just to make them. When phone bills are stressing you out but you still want to enjoy your phones useful features the app “Yabb Text And Voice Messenger” can help. Text, edit photos and even have group chats with all the same people you enjoy with this completely free to use app.

After launch all users are quickly able to access the apps many features. Following just a few set-up steps users can create their free accounts and begin using the app. It’s from here that the user has the ability to pick their next move. Thanks to the apps many features this move could end up being a lot of things. Start a free phone call, send a text message or even initiate a group chat. The power is in your hands with “Yabb Text And Voice Messenger”.

Pesky phone bills can tend to be ridiculously strict and keep you from doing the things that you want to do. With “Yabb” users are liberated and able to enjoy using it with a piece of mind that they’re not going to receive a “sky-high” outrageously priced bill at the end of their conversations and this works in a number of different ways. With international texts you can send messages out of the country, make international phone calls and even send free voice messages wherever you are at any time for absolutely free. Just tap on the person you’d like to speak with and start talking to them just like that.

Making “Yabb Text And Voice Messenger” such an awesome application is the many features it offers for users to take advantage of. While text messaging there’s a number of options available; disappearing texts, private messengers only able to view by those involved, and even the ability to hide texts. Share videos from your favorite sites like YouTube with ease, meet new people by chatting with nearby users and spice up your convos with cool animated stickers and emojis. There’s plenty of fun to be had while in “Yabb” and with so many options the possibilities lie right in your hands.

“Yabb Text And Voice Messenger” is available for free in the Google Play Store for all Android devices running various versions of Android software.


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