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Don’t you just hate it when people use silly abbreviations which confuse the hell out of you when they send you a text? ‘Say What?!’ is out there to fix your problems.

This clever app translates SMS messages from ‘LOLSpeak’ into normal English to eliminate confusion when trying to decipher annoying texting lingo. Say What?! Has its own preloaded dictionary of words which it recognizes, but you can also add words of your own to tailor it to work best for you.

As well as the standard LOLSpeak pack, there are also two other add-ons; Pirate and Redneck. Now, rather than translating FROM one of these languages INTO English, you can also have it reversed, so it translates English into Redneck, Pirate or LOLSpeak. This, quite frankly, is hilarious – you can imagine receiving a serious text from your boss etc. in pirate language.

We have had some great fun with this app, including the smart idea of replacing a common word such as ‘the’ with something like ‘pie’ or ‘chicken’. Seriously, we nearly died laughing. Give it a go, if not for making texts understandable, then for screwing around.

Rating: ★★★★★

Android Description

Say What?! is the ultimate text translator app for Android phones!

Are your text messages boring? Do you hate it when someone texts you and you have no idea what they mean? Do you have an Android phone? If you answered yes or no to any of the above questions then Say What?! is the app for you!

Say What?! allows you to:
• make sense of LOLspeak (texting lingo) by translating it into proper English automatically
• make your messages more fun by translating basic English into LOLspeak
• download more translation packs to translate your messages into languages such as Pirate, and Redneck!
• Translate messages to post on Facebook and Twitter!

Incoming messages: automatically translated
Outgoing messages: Use the widget to translate and send messages to your contacts, Facebook wall, or Twitter

The Say What?! widget allows you to create and translate your own text messages and send them to others. The widget also quickly toggles whether or not Say What?! should be automatically translating incoming messages. Download other Say What?! translation packs to mix and match languages within Say What?! to create the ultimate text messages. Check the store frequently for the newest add-ons!

Say What?! comes pre-loaded with the LOLSpeak translation pack which translates texting lingo into English and vice versa.

• Ili wen you ignore mai txting – I love it when you ignore my texting
• Rofl! idk if pcrs! – Rolling on the floor laughing! I don’t know if parents can read slang!
• g2g do hmwk ttyl – Got to go do homework talk to you later
The full version of Say What?! has these additional benefits:
✔ Unlimited incoming automatic translations.
✔ Ability to add and remove words from the translation packs.
✔ Removes all “- translated by Say What?!” message tags from messages sent and received

Make sure the free version is uninstalled after installing the full version!

Make sure notifications for the default messaging app is turned off.

Say What?! is fully compatible with the following SMS apps:
✔ chompSMS


Want to see specific new languages or having problems? Feel free to contact us at anytime with questions or suggestions!

Requires Android:
1.6 and up

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