Scan and Share Your Lecture Notes with Ease

Scan and Share Your Lecture Notes with Ease

Scan and Share Your Lecture Notes with Ease

Turn Your Smartphone into a Mobile Scanner

Mobile scanning is quickly becoming a popular choice among many smartphone users. It is a convenient way of making copies of your documents when you can’t find a scanner nearby and can save you a lot of money by reducing your paper expenditure. Lectures Scanner is an app for Android that gives users the flexibility and functionality of a mobile scanner in a sleek user interface that allows you to make high quality scans for a variety of formats. College students will find this app to be an especially useful tool for scanning lecture notes and sharing them with other students.

The app comes with several intuitive features that help streamline the scan process on your phone. All you have to do is use your camera to take a picture of the document you want scanned and the app will do the rest for you. The app automatically applies filters to adjust the contrast and lighting of your document so that you can get the best readability afterwards. Even if you take your document at a slight angle, the app will detect the angle of the page and flatten it for you. You can also access your phones gallery and select any picture you want to convert to scan quality images.

There’s also a wide selection of filters you can apply to your scans once you’ve saved them into the apps document handler. Some of the filters included are: Brightness/Contrast, Grayscale, Color Inversion, Auto Enhance and Noise Reduction. Unfortunately, you can only access these filters if you upgrade to the full version of the app. Once you’ve tweaked your scans to your liking you can send them as a PDF or ZIP file using Bluetooth or Email.

If you have a decent camera on your phone you can expect some pretty high detailed scans. You can even go the extra mile and print out the documents in full A4 without compromising the image quality. Overall, this is a great app for scanning files on your Android. You can download Lectures Scanner for free today by visiting the Google Play store.

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