Scan Android App Review

Scan Android App Review

Scan Android App Review


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Sometimes the most efficient apps harness the power of simplicity and that’s exactly what Scan for Android devices does; and does it well. Scan, from developer Scan, Inc. is the latest app in QR Code or 2 dimensional code readers for the Android platform.  If you are unsure about these codes, take a close look the next time you are reading a widely circulated publication, or perhaps a printed brochure or business card – the barcode looking boxes come in a variety of flavors, and once scanned by a mobile device, take the user to a website for everything from a geo-targeted landing page, to a printable coupon, to a streaming video.

In all honesty, Scan has one main purpose – allow a user to scan a QR code and quickly take the user to the indicated URL. And Scan is not the first or the last QR code scanner to hit the market. However, Scan holds a certain competitive edge over its competition. You see Scan works with the efficiency and quickness that is lagging, or lacking with other scanners.  Through test run after test run, Scan was able to zero-in on the code and quickly launch the attached website. For Scan, speed kills, and we mean this is a positive way!

Scan features a clean and modern interface which is intuitive and easily navigated, and the app is well supported by the website which allows users to sync their scan information among other useful tools. The scan history tab will not only take users back and let them view what they have scanned, but a graphical Google Maps will display where the scan happened – geographically speaking.

Scan is a free app and goes a long way in becoming the standard for QR and barcode readers, providing users ability and gateway to go from the paper and physical medium, to a digital one.

Android Description
Scan is the fastest & most user-friendly QR Code and barcode scanner available.

Scan is completely free. There are no “lite version” restrictions. It’s just simple QR Code and barcode scanning the way it should be. Open the app, point the camera at the code and you’re done! No need to take a photo or press a “scan” button like other apps.

When scanning a QR Code, if the code contains a website URL, you’ll automatically be taken to the site. If the code just contains text, you’ll immediately see it. For other formats such as phone numbers, email addresses, or contact info, you will be prompted to take the appropriate action.

Scan now reads regular barcodes—UPC, EAN, and ISBN—and gathers information about the products you scan, allowing you to research and find places to purchase the products you love.

Additional Features:
- History logs and displays of all of your past scans in a list or on a map
- Customize how Scan works in Settings
- Login to your account to sync your scan history across web, Android, and iOS
- Touch-focus camera (requires autofocus)
- Forward-facing light for low-light scanning (requires flash)
* In order to use Scan, your device must have a built-in camera. When scanning codes that redirect to online content (such as websites), you will need Internet connectivity. To scan product barcodes, your device must have autofocus.

The company behind Scan is dedicated to your satisfaction and is always open to your feedback. If you have an issue with Scan, please do not write a review of the app saying “it didn’t work” — this does not help us improve the app. Instead, please contact us at and we’ll do our best to help. We’re constantly improving Scan to make it the best QR Code and barcode scanner available.

Visit our site at to generate your own QR Codes for free.
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Requires Android:
2.1 and up

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