See What the Future Holds for you in the Android App Fortunator

See What the Future Holds for you in the Android App Fortunator

See What the Future Holds for you in the Android App Fortunator

Fortunator is an application that gives all users the chance to see what their futures are like. With a fun design, and a mysterious old woman in charge users can learn the moments that lie ahead of them in seconds, and have fun while at it.

At the main menu users will find a colorful title screen with options for language settings, shopping, and starting after launch. Buttons have cool animations from time to time enhancing the user experience. After start users are then swept from the menu to the tent of an mysterious old woman. Draped in the appropriate clothing of a fortune teller, this character will guide you on your way of finding out about your future. Equipped with three different elements to choose from, there is something for every user to enjoy.

What makes Fortunator such a fun app to use is its playful design and simplistic controls. From the love calculator, fortune cookie, and lastly the mystic crystal ball, all of these are easy to use. Get a prediction about the love you and your significant other have for each other, a daily fortune, and answers to all of life’s questions with Fortunator. Each elements use is controlled by the amount of coins you have. One element can require more coins than another, but special awards and more options can make sure you always have enough coins to use!

Brought to you by the same developers who brought a “Love Calculator” to the app store that generated millions of downloads, the features and more of Fortunator are sure to not disappoint. Have fun using this app to make the future of your life a little easier to understand.

Fun design and hilarious predictions make this app a great addition to your device. Fortunator will have you laughing and learning about your future in no time. Available in the Google Play Store for free, Fortunator is available for all Android devices running 2.3.3 and up.


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