Shooting Warrior Plus Android App Review

Shooting Warrior Plus Android App Review

Shooting Warrior Plus Android App Review

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Get ready for another tower defense classic with Shooting Warrior Plus for Android devices.

The premise of the game is a band of warriors seeking to display their loyalty to their kingdom and emperor, board the ship the “Shooting Warrior” in an effort to expand their kingdom at the expense of neighboring lands.  However, stiff resistance is met so warriors need to defend as well as mount an offensive attack in order to survive.

While tower defense games are certainly nothing new to the Android app market, Shooting Warrior does well to distinguish itself with captivating game play and stunning HD graphics and animation. The game play is similar to other defense titles, but you do have the ability to forge a multi-pronged attack using multiple warriors, which certainly spices up the action a bit. The enemies and monsters are also varied and well illustrated. Equipment and weaponry upgrades, including my personal favorite – the extended cannon shots – along with specialty character deployment tactics add to the pleasant game play and strategy needed to succeed and advance through Shooting Warrior.

There are over a dozen challenging levels (some of which are hidden and will become unlocked) which allow for plenty of replay value. In addition, Shooting Warrior (for good reason) has received high marks so far for the fierce and stylish Japanimation esque graphics of the game, and they are truly stunning as they are delivered to the player in HD quality.

As it goes with many app genres; you either love tower defense games or you hate them. Though facing plenty of competition, Shooting Warrior for the Android platform is worthy of the download and should keep you occupied for quite some time. Hats off to Korean developer Daerisoft, for a job well done.

Android Description
Shooting Warrior Plus
Expand the empire by conquering new lands!

Game information and news can be check on Facebook page.
Support Korean,English.Easy & Fun Puzzle action game!

When purchase will provide $5.99 worth of 9000Cash.

Use artillery new concept of the defense game!
It’s not use artillery fired shells of boring Depense!
With artillery launch soldiers fresh Depense!
Includes a variety of bonus games!

Take command of the troops aboard the warship Shooting Warrior and expand the empire by conquering new lands in dynamic castle defense game style. Train your forces in courage, skill, and strategy while you expand and enhance your arsenal, strengthen your heroes, and reduce wave after wave of your enemies to nothing as you claim new territory in the name of the emperor.

Charged by the emperor with the great honor of expanding the empire, the war ship Shooting Warrior has set out to stake its claim on savage lands while you defend your castle. But the lands that the Shooting Warrior would add to the empire are not uninhabited. Though uncivilized, the natives are skilled in the arts of war and tower defense. The Shooting Warrior encounters fierce resistance and it’s your job to break them down in this exciting android tower defense game!

Only skilled hand of a quick-thinking strategist can marshal the forces of the Shooting Warrior to overcome their enemies and their powerful castle defense. Are you up to the challenge?

Deploy troops and special items via the shipboard cannons

Utilize 3 distinct hero types, each with their own specialized skills, to maximize your attack

9 soldier types provide you with a variety of attack ranges and defensive skills—allocate your resources wisely to use swordsmen, cavalry, archers, and more to annihilate the enemy

Requires Android:
2.1 and up

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