Sing It Say It Android App Review

Sing It Say It App Review

Sing It Say It App Review

Sing It Say It Android AppDictions App Review

Finally, the Android app for all movie and song geeks who claim they know it all. No matter how good you are in memorizing scripts or in singing even the classical songs completely, Sing It Say It will definitely provide you with a unique challenge and experience you haven’t encountered in an app.

With the full version made available for Android supported devices, Sing It Say It game app guarantees a memorable experience If you’re up for the challenge.Be sure you have practiced and memorized enough so that you can really claim your “song or movie king” title as you play this app. Sing It Say It is also a great game to play with friends. It’s very entertaining and will no doubt remind you of songs from the past.

Sing It Say It Android App Gameplay & Features:

This brain/puzzle and trivia game app allows you to guess the movie or song as a clip plays. You can do it either with other online users worldwide or through with friends on a multiplayer mode. The more you win the bigger tickets you earn which in turn can be converted into upgrades.

Cool features are also included as discussed below:

-        Record your song or movie line and have it guessed by others

-        Guessing can be done through a Hangaroo style gameplay of inputting letter by letter

-        Facebook login is available for instant contact with friends you can play with.

-        Combos to increase the amount of tickets you earn

Sing It Say It Android App Design and Layout:

The vibrant blue interface background is bright, yet fun and pleasing. Getting started is a breeze, simply choose between song, movie and TV show and you are set to challenge and guess away. Navigation is simple and you will be up and running in no time.

Sing It Say It Android  App Value:

Sing It Say It is a load of fun and is great get together or social game. A free version, which is ad supported, is available for download in Google Play. Choosing to buy one will provide a bonus of 1500 tickets as well. It’s only $0.99. The game is best played if your Android is 2.0.1 and up.

Android Description

Download the Full Version (Ad Free) of Sing It Say It now and begin Owning your friends in movie quote and Song Lyric Trivia. Purchasing the Full Version gives you a bonus of 1500 tickets.

Sing It Say It is the latest social craze to hit 4G networks all over the world. Conjure up your best Sean Connery or Lady Gaga to impress your friends with on the spot impersonations. Sing It Say It is the only game gives YOU total control. YOU choose the quote for your friends to guess. YOU enter the title, and boom…off to trivia heaven. Login through Facebook and go head to head with a friend to see how high you can go. Receive Streak Bonuses as you break records. Or battle in Multiplayer mode with a group, racking up points by being the fastest guesser in the group. Earn enough points and reap the rewards. Whether you can recall entire catalogs of song lyrics or recite classic movies from start to finish, Sing It Say It will keep you and your friends entertained for years to come.

Requires Android:

2.0.1 and up

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