Slash the fish to boost your score in the addicting app Fish Slash

Slash the fish to boost your score in the addicting app Fish Slash

Slash the fish to boost your score in the addicting app Fish Slash

It’s always been told that there’s plenty of fish in the sea and the app “Fish Slash” makes that statement truer than ever. Dive into the ocean and take part in this addicting new arcade game that takes simple gameplay and turns it into an app you’ll play for hours. Chop fish up as they enter the screen and see how long you can last before reaching game over.

After launch all users are brought to a main menu draped with cool graphics. Featuring bright and colorful cartoon characters this makes the app easy for players of all ages to fill welcome in. Alongside the main graphics players can easily access the features of the app thanks to buttons on-screen; play, see how to play, social network options and more. To get started with the game just hit play to begin.

While tons of developers have made notorious reiterations of slicing fruit, not many have gone the route of chopping up fish. The app “Fish Slash” dares to go where other developers haven’t gone before. After hitting play players will find an empty ocean filled screen where fish begin popping up from the bottom. The objective of the game is simple as players must swipe across incoming fish to add to their score. By checking the upper right-hand corner of the screen players will find that they only have 5 strikes that they can afford to have against them. Avoid slashing the “king” fish as each one slashed decreases one of your lives. Swipe, swipe, swipe to slash, slash, slash your way to the top of the high-score charts.

Making “Fish Slash” an app so much better than other similar arcade games in the app store are it’s fresh graphics and interesting gameplay. While slashing fish can make for tons of fun, not having a time limit takes away the annoying stresses of the game that others fail to take care of. Slash the other pink fish and get 20 bonus points and a bonus life. Play as much as you want and use the in-app score trackers to beat all of your friends.

Join the fun and start slashing fish today! “Fish Slash” is available for free in the Google Play Store for all Android devices running Android 2.2 and up.


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